Better real results without risk to your health or damage to the environment…Helping you stay beautiful the healthy way!

Why Bliss Organics?

Science based skin solutions beyond the natural organic claims.  !00% Beneficial- Zero Additives.

Our Specialty

Revolutionary formulations based on the human physiology and ingredient’s biochemistry with special focus on synergy and biocompatibility.

Our Ingredients: Zero harmful ingredients of all kinds synthetics or the bad among natural organic. Operations: 100% free of  chemical processing/modifications. Low heat manufacturing in nonreactive tools& equipments.Final products:  Potent, biocompatible,  the safest & healthiest.


Our vision is healthier happier world. Our mission is helping you regain radiant beautiful skin with focus on protecting your health & the environment. We are happy that you are here :)

Our Ingredients

Only the healthy and  beneficial known to the human system used for 1000s years.

Comfort from within

Keeps your skin happy, with a peace of mind: 100% Free of all kinds of harmful ingredients to human health or the environments.

Healthy Formulations

All of our formulation, manufacturing and packaging practice are in full compliance  with Health Canada rules and regulations.

What our clients say about us

I have been busy this summer working with a new organic skin care line from “Bliss Organics”. I have always used natural products because our body recognizes natural ingredients, absorbs and holds them longer. I have experimented with many high end products and this organic line has me excited! All of my customers that have tried it are raving about the results they see in their skin.

I urge you to give it a try!

Kamloops Esthetics
Kamloops EstheticsLicensed Esthetican / Kamloops Esthetics owner and operator.